Control Stations and Modules

EP Polyester and ES Stainless Steel Control Stations

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Product - EP Polyester Control Stations



Classification Ex de IIC T6 Zone 1 & 2
Degree of protection IP 65/66
Approvals IECEx SIM 08.0018X
  SIRA 09ATEX 3083X
Rated voltage 600 V AC
Ambient temperature -20°C to +60°C (+55°C)
Rated current 16 A
Cable entries Control stations 2 × 21 mm
  (not threaded)
 Materials Glass reinforced polyester (GRP)
Surface resistant to 109 OHMS
  UV stabilized
  Flame retardant/self extinguishing
  Captive stainless cover screws
Optional Stainless steel earth continuity plate


Product - ES Stainless Steel Control Station


Classification Ex de llC Zone 1 & 2
Temperature rating T6/T5/T4
Approvals IECEX SIM 09.0001X
  SIRA 09ATEX3135X
Degree of protection IP 66 / IP 65
Ambient temperature -20°C to +60°C (+55°C)
Rated voltage 600 V AC
Rated current 16 A / 20 A
Materials 316L stainless steel


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