Dust Ignition Proof Equipment

FC4 and FC7D Control Stations

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Product - FC4 and F7D Control Stations


Classification IEC 60079-0
  IEC 60079-1
  IEC 61241-0
IEC 61241-1
Degree of protection IP 66
Approvals Ex tD A21 IP 66
Ex tD A21 T80°C IP 66
 FC4 IECEx SIM 07.0001X
  SIRA 07ATEX1133X II 2 G D
FC7 IECEx TSA 07.0029
  SIRA 07ATEX1134 II 2 G D
 Materials Marine grade aluminium
 Rated current TBA
 Cable entries TBA
 Notes Select enclosures complete with pushbuttons
and selector switch modules as well as pilot lights


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