Plugs and Sockets

Plugs and Sockets (Ex de)

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The PS series types of plugs and sockets comprise of a

non-metallic plastic GRP material enclosure, having an IP 66
rating and are used to provide cable connection in potentially
explosive areas.


Specifications: PS16, PS32 and PS125 Series


Classification IEC/EN 60079-0
IEC/EN 60079-1
IEC/EN 60079-7
IEC/EN 60079-31
Ambient temperature -40°C ≤ Ta ≤ +55°C
Approvals IECEx SIR 11.0026
 Ta= -40°C to +45°C Ex de IIC T6 Gb
Ex t IIIC T80°C Db IP66
Ta= -40°C to +55°C Ex de IIC T5 Gb
Ex t IIIC T95°C Db IP66
Degree of protection IP 66
Current Rating 16A, 32A, 63A and 125A
Voltage Rating 3-Pole 415VAC 50/60Hz
4-Pole 690VAC 50/60Hz
5-Pole 500VAC 50/60Hz
 Switch Capacity Rating
3-Pole 250V
4-Pole 400V
5-Pole 400V
Cable Entries
Wall Type Socket
Coupler Type Socket
Plug Type Socket
M25, M32, M50 and M63 respectively
M25, M32, M50 and M63 respectively
M25, M32, M50 and M63 respectively
 Enclosure Material GRP – Glass Fibre Reinforced
3-pole, 4-pole and 5-pole
Clock corresponding position
(in the location of earthing
inserting sets in socket), colour
(colour of socket hinge cover
and plug insulation block),
service voltage


 Certificates  Cert No.  File Type  File Size
 Sira ATEX Certification  Sira 11ATEX1044  PDF  95 KB
 IECEx Certificate of Conformity  IECEx SIR 11.0026  PDF  331 KB

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