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Circuit Breakers Panel

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Product - FCB Circuit Breakers Panel


Classification Zone 1 & 2
  Gas Group llB
Temperature class T6
Ambient temperature -20°C to +60°C
(+40°C & +55°C)
Approvals SIRA 07ATEX1135X ll 2 G
SIRA 07ATEX1134 ll 2 G D
F7 IECEx TSA 07.0029
FH22 IECEx SIM 08.0007X
F150 and FH150 IECEx TSA 06.0054
Degree of protection IP 66
Current voltage 415/240 V
Current rating 6/100A/225
Ordering information Type FCB / No.breakers/ No. of poles
Standard finish Aluminium
Dimensions Please refer to enclosure data pages

Serviceline Information